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There are a couple of web design principles that govern the creation of any functional and eye-catching website. Here are a few web design principles that you should incorporate into every website that you create:

Clean design

One of the most important principles that any web designer must put to heart is that of clean design. It is natural that web designers will want to have as much design as possible on their webpages. However, you must be careful to ensure that your designs are clean and straight to the point. This will allow people focus on the message of the website and the value it has to offer. A clean design is vital if you want to engage your website users.

The right colour schemes

 Website design principles thrive on colour schemes. Colours are effective tools in evoking the emotions of choice. You are looking at making your visitors calm or emphatic, all you have to do is to pick the right colours and you are halfway there. As a web designer, you have to know the colour schemes your clients are most likely to respond to. Once you understand the right colour scheme as an important tool in the web design principles arsenal, you are bound to make remarkable progress.

Positioning and branding

Take it or leave it, the positioning of the branding instruments is a web design principle that you can effectively use. The way logos and other branding instruments are placed on the website must be visible to the visitor and should be consistent. A principled designer will choose a constant area to display the logo and other brand instruments.

Clean code

The web design principles used in building a website can endear people to the website, what keep people on the site is the clean code. If you are going to be utilizing a SEO code, you have to write a clean code to ensure that the website is practical and responsive. Clean codes also reduce the dead-end effects and does not allow for junk codes. There are several Content Management Systems that honour web design principles and will provide plugins that will help clean junk codes.

Focus on usability

The focus of the website is on usability, a website is not for show or for fun. You must ensure that people can use the site. While designing or after getting through the first design draft, pay careful attention to the navigation of the site, can people get where they want to be really easily? Web design principles will help you scale the heights of these seemingly difficult questions and you can present a website that is clean, usable and aesthetically pleasing.

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